Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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Cloven Trail Farm
~ 2014 Kids ~ 
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Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tobias Quinn 
Dam: Cloven Trail Pal Little Debbie
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tobias Quinn 
Dam: Celtic-River BSS Sky's Elsie
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance
Dam: Old Mountain Farm India Ink
Sire: Old Mountain Allegiance
 Dam: Cloven Trail Aviva
Cloven Trail Sing Joyfullee
Single doe - Retained
Twin bucks
Chamoise/CouClair bucks 

Buck - Sold
Buck - Sold
Cloven Trail Charlee
Doe - retained
Cloven Trail Ashlee
Buck, blue eyes - retained
Cloven Trail Lucky Charm Quinn
Buck, blue eyes - Sold
Cloven Trail Lunary Clips Quin
Doe - Sold
Cloven Trail Lu Cee Quinn
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tobias Quinn  
Dam: Painted Pepper PJ Dusty Roads 
Doe (left) and buck 
Both sold
Doe - Sold
Cloven Trail Cookie Quinn
Doe - Sold
Cloven Trail Goldy Quinn