Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Cloven Trail Farm
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I'm trying to put this in chronological order, for the most part. Click on the first picture to start the gallery.
The girl's first year here.
The guys!
Our '09 does and babies
The Dwarf girls going to the lower pastureGirls browsing the lower pasturePippi, Pixal, and Daisy playing on the logsMerce browsing, OR trying to hide.Newt - MmmmNewt's turn on the logsMy Newt, "Wait for meeee!"The girls in the upper pasture. The evening sun shining made the trees look like they were glowing.Run, Pickle, run!Pickle and girls in lower pastureMy sweet, old best friend, Rad at 16 years young.
October '09
Babies of 2010!
Welcome to the world Petey! Son of Sweety and Tony Martin.I'm just all kinds of CUTE!Peek-a-boo Petey!
Sweety's buck kid
Elsie's twin does
Mini Alpine
Jessie's triplets
Merce's triplet does
Jet's quads
More and better pics coming!
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