Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Cloven Trail Pal Little Debbie
ADGA       DOB - 4/7/11
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Debbie is long bodied and very level with open ribbing and butter soft dairy skin. Beautiful udder for a first freshener!
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Palindrome
GCH  Buttin'Heads Palimony  X CH Bomahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie
Dam: Celtic-River BSS Sky's Elsie
CHW DH Blue Suede Shoes X Atwood Acres GR Sky Blue
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3rd place Junior Kid - Delaware Co. Fair Show. 9/24/11
GCH Junior Doe (yearling) Hartford Co. Fair Show 8/10/12 (Dry leg)
Debbie's extended pedigree
Blue eyes
Do you like my FANGS?!
Debbie's first freshening udder at 11 weeks. I wish her fore-udder had more extention but it's pretty nice!!