Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
2011 Kids
Cloven Trail Farm
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Buttin'Heads Sifflation Sifflation
Born 1/17/11   Quads - 3 bucks, 1 doe
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Cloven Trail Oopsy Daisy
Born 1/20/11        Twin bucks
Cloven Trail Pegasus 

This kid is gorgeous!
Cloven Trail Suebeedoo

Named after my friend, Sue Rucker
Sold - Thank you Lathen Powell!
Sold - Thank you again Lathen Powell!
Best of luck to you at the fair!
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Wellwood Farm Sweet Kisses
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Buttin'Heads Mercerised Cotton
Born 3/25/11  Triplets - 2 bucks (1 doa),  doe
Sweety & her kids are now with their new family.
Thank you Dave & Deb!
Born 3/30/11   Quads - 4 bucks
SOLD - Thanks again Heidi & Will!
SOLD - Thank you Heidi & Will!
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Palindrome
Dam: Celtic-River BSS Sky's Elsie
Born 4/7/11   Quads - ALL DOES!
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Cloven Trail Pandamonium
I could not be happier with these girls so far, three have blue eyes -
icing on the cake!

We will be retaining the first three shown below for now but please let us know if you're interested in one and we will put your name on an interest list.
Born 4/13/11  Twin Doelings
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Cloven Trail Madison Avenue
Born 4/27/11      Twin bucklings
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Coco
Dam: Buttin'Heads Pip Rally
Both sold -
Thank you yet again Lathen Powell!!
SOLD - Thank you again
Dave & Debbie!
Cloven Trail Pal Maggie Moon Pie
Cloven Trail Pal Katy Cupcake
Cloven Trail Pal Dove Truffle
Cloven Trail Pal Little Debbie

I think this kid is both chamoise and buckskin. Nice dairy character on strong feet and legs.
I'm gonna miss this cuddly boy!

The widest of these boys and very level. Such a character!

This guy is refined with a long, high-set neck, very uphill, sharp, and straight.
I wanted to cry when I wethered him but he's going to a very loving home as a pet.
"Goliath" was the teeny guy of this group at 1.5 lbs at birth.
He's being bottle fed but was living with his dam and brothers. He is turning out to be a very pretty little buckling.
Chaos (spoiled rotten wether) and
Cloven Trail Sweet Serenity (spoiled rotten doe)
Blue eyes
Blue eyes
Blue eyes
Cloven Trail Goliath buck
Both sold - Thanks AGAIN Tiffany!!
SOLD - Thank you Jessica!
Born 5/14/11   Quads - 1 buck, 3 does
In birth order-
I had a hard time deciding which doeling to retain, they all look very nice and promising!
SOLD - Thank you Tiffany!
Both sold - Thank you Cindy & Keith!
Cloven Trail Pipsi Cola
Black buckskin buck

He's much nicer than these pictures show - especially  with a bad haircut!
Cloven Trail Pippermint Patti
Cloven Trail Pip Pip Hooray 

This doe is ohh soo dairy!
Cloven Trail Pip Squeak

This doeling is now owned by
Cindy Dahl at Wild Wind Farm!
Thank you!!

(See the "W" on her side? It was meant to be!)
Pippermint has joined the
Wood Bridge Farm herd!
Thank you Susan & Jr.!
Thanks you Madison!!
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Thank you Cindy Austermiller
Cloven Trail Twix R For Kids
Cloven Trail Snickerdoodle
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Also a big CONGRATS and thank you Lathen, on your
Champion Junior Dairy Doe and
Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Doe
wins with Twix at the
2011 Muskingum County Fair!!
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