Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Cloven Trail Pandamonium
ADGA       DOB - 3/19/10
Sire: Wild Wind Farm Woody
Laurel Haven Sicily X Wood Bridge Farm Harvest Moon
Dam: Celtic-River BSS Sky's Elsie
CHW DH Blue Suede Shoes X Atwood Acres GR Sky Blue
Flashy coal-black and white doe displaying a high and very wide escutcheon at birth.
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6/5/10 - NEODGA, Wooster, Oh.:
              Ring 1 - 2nd Pl. Intermediate Kid (AOP),                             RGCH Jr. Doe (AOP)
Ring 2 - 1st Pl. Intermediate kid (AOP)

7/17/10 - ODGA Buckeye Classic
Ring 1 - 4th place Intermediate kid
Ring 2 - 1st place Intermediate kid
What a little character! I don't think I've ever seen a cuter face on a goat.
Panda kidded as a first freshener with a very small udder that came in much better within a week.
These pics were taken 26 days post freshening, with 12 hours of milk. Her attachments could be much better but she's easy to milk and milks down very nice. Her milk is very sweet!
She'll make a wonderful family milker!
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