Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Buttin'Heads Mercerised Cotton    ADGA/AGS    18.5"    DOB - 3/1/08
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8/1/09 - MODGA 3rd Annual Classic
Ring 1&2 -GCH, BOB

8/14/09 - Hartford Fair 
3rd pl Dry Yearlings

9/25/10 - Delaware County Fair
      1st place Doe 2 yrs. & under 3 yrs. in  millk.
My, how they grow!
PLEASE excuse the hairy udder pics!! 
I hadn't made the time to shave her for proper udder photos but I wanted to show her very respectable first-freshening udder!
Second freshening at 56 days
"Look at that face!!"
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Merce's extended pedigree
Creek Road Hudson +S  X  ARM CH Buttin'Heads Carmen Sandiego 6*D
Dam: Buttin'Heads Satin Shamise
Sugar Creek's SS Sharp Shooter *S  X  CH Buttin'Heads Zipther
I lost my beautiful little Merce to Listeriosis on Dec. 5th, 2015. She was a very special girl and I will never forget her. No other doe could ever take her place and she is sorely missed. 
I love and miss you my little "Turkey-Butt".